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What is a cityapp ?

A mobile app meeting the communication needs of municipalities

The cityapp has been developed in close collaboration with the Luxembourgish municipalities, in order to better assess their communication needs, as well as their citizens’ need for information.

The result of this collaboration is a modern, customizable application incorporating the latest technical progress.

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Catalogue of pre-developed services

Choose from a whole range of innovative services

Beacon, NFC & QR Code

We develop personalized services for ou based on the newest technologies

Landing page

Personalize the landing page of your cityapp and highlight the most important services


Promote public transportation : Display real time information about bus departures and the closest bus stops


Keep your citizens informed about what's happening in your municipality

Bike rental

You have a bike rental system? Display the nearest stations, available bikes and free spots


Help your citizens and visitors find a parking space by displaying the nearest car park and where there are free spaces


Showcase the businesses in your municipality and display further information which comes from EDITUS

Event calendar

Showcase the events organized in your municipality


Give the floor to your citizens and provide them a tool which enables them to inform you easily abourt problems in the public space


Suggest touristic trails to your visitors and let them discover your municipality in all its splendor


Allow your citizens to read your official documents or press releases on the move

Push notifications

Inform your citizens about important events by sending them a message directly on their smartphone

Our customers

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Why a cityapp from HOTCITY ?

Because we take care of it all for you !

From the subscription to the iOS Developper Program, to the development of the app, to the publication in the appstores and technological maintenance…we handle everything for you!

Short development period

We will develop your cityapp within 8 weeks

Attractive pricing

You only pay for the services you choose

iOs & Android

Your cityapp is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad,...) and Android

Maintenance included

iOS-/Android Upgrades included

Our references

Some examples of cityapps developed by us


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